Kimra Luna

Find Killer Webinar Topics to Attract Clients

What You Will Learn....

  • The very first thing to do before planning a webinar
  • How to find hot topics
  • The exact breakdown of steps to creating a webinar

kimra-luna-cropKimra Luna is the last person you’d think would become a millionaire. Born and raised on government assistance with no college education. At just 29 years old, Kimra earned close to a million dollars in sales in just under a year. Since launching her business in May of 2014, she has inspired over 30,000 people on her list and in her online community to start their own freedom-based businesses, teaching them the technical aspects of growing an online business, along with her philosophy of "throwing value around like confetti."  Kimra's Freedom Hackers Mastermind has become one of the top Facebook communities for networking and learning how to grow a successful online business. And her $2000 program, Be True, Brand You has almost 500 students enrolled. Kimra is a happy wife and mother to 3 boys aged six and under. She lives in new york now.

Brandon Pearce

Revolutionize Your Business

What You Will Learn....

  • How to find fulfilment in your business
  • How to manage a team of 25+ remote workers.
  • The very first steps to make your online business work

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Brandon-Pearce-cropBrandon Pearce is the creator of, an online software platform that helps music teachers manage their businesses. It's currently grossing nearly $1million in annual sales, and employs over 25 people, all working from home. Due to his business success, he quit his job, sold his house and most of his possessions, and has been traveling the world with his wife and three daughters for the past 6 years, visiting over 30 countries. His personal website is, where he writes about his adventures in travel, business, music, spirituality, unschooling, and more.

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