Deanna Maio

How to Improve Performance Without Micromanaging

What You Will Learn....

  • One big mistake to building and leading a team
  • How to create an environment for comfortable feedback
  • Step by step model for managing through mistakes

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Deanna-Maio-cropDeanna Maio is speaker, a team results & accountability strategist, and Creator of 90 Days to a Profitable and Productive Team program. She’s the “go to gal” for online business owners and entrepreneurs who are getting buried in their work and working IN their business, and are ready to pull themselves out of the “day to day.” They want to be able to work ON their business not IN it, and that takes the right strategy and the right team, that allows you to get more done, without YOU doing it. Then and only then can you catapult your income. Deanna’s hired and managed over 170 contractors, freelancers, and interns in the last 5 years and helped her clients all around the world do the same. If you want to remove that limiter on your income, that ceiling--- you have to stay in your brilliance, and then it’s about building and leveraging your dream team. That's how you can double your income without doubling your work. And that’s what Deanna’s all about.

Marla Diann

Higher Visibility, More Credibility, & Better Revenue

What You Will Learn....

  • Key mindset for thought leader branding
  • Checklist for thought leaders to engage their message
  • How to build your thought leader brand

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5 Essential strategies to a thriving brand and profitable business

Marla-Diann-cropMarla Diann, an entrepreneur, visionary, and philanthropist for two decades, brings her 20+ years of entertainment publicity expertise to her eight-year-old mentoring company. She coaches entrepreneurs how to create an inspiring, trusted personal brand as she mentors how to build a leveraged business model based on a healthy money relationship generating leads, ideal clients and higher revenues. Marla is a certified Money Breakthrough Method ™ coach who inspires women to transform their relationship with money helping them break free of unconscious self-sabotaging money habits, gain control of their money behaviors and build a stronger self-worth and higher net worth.

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