Seema Alexander

7 Secrets of a thriving vs surviving solo-preneur

What You Will Learn....

  • The 7 Secrets of a thriving (vs) surviving solo-preneur
  • How to prioritize and maximize time management
  • The Best Advice for entrepreneurs

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Seema Alexander is founder of and is the Powerhouse Business Strategist, Transition Coach & Speaker. Seema partners with women entrepreneurs to open their eyes to possibilities of their own business, helps them own their story and their "why" to eliminate competition, and build a strategy that not only generates cash flow first to alleviate the overwhelm, but allows them to invest in things that matter that will help them grow and profit as they have always imagined. As a former very successful 6-figure corporate warrior, she is also passionate about transitioners who are moving from corporate to entrepreneurship to live their truth--as she beliefs (and is proof of) it is never too late to reinvent yourself. To pay to forward, Seema founded the ever-growing Life After Corporate Mastermind Facebook group, a safe haven for women transitioners to prepare for the huge leap!!

Dr. Bill Saleeby

Effective Networking for Business and Linkedin

What You Will Learn....

  • Why is Know Like Trust Refer paradigm important?
  • How to maximize networking on Linkedin
  • Exactly how to network to optimize results


Dr. Bill Saleebey is the foremost expert on the psychological and practical aspects of business networking. He is the author of the books “Connecting: Beyond the Name Tag”, “Sell Yourself”, and “Study Skills for Success.” He has been speaking, training and teaching on a wide variety of topics since 1973. Dr. Saleebey received his Ph.D. in Education with a specialization in Counseling from UCLA. He currently serves as a consultant and trainer with businesses to infuse networking into their business development practices.  Dr. Saleebey’s diverse career has included research on the educational problems of Samoa migrants based on his work on the island of American Samoa, the development of the Study Skills Seminar, and over 30 years of business development experience as a relocation manager, currently with American Relocation & Logistics. He facilitates networking groups with ProVisors and Bruin Professionals    

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