Tamara McCleary

Relationships and Business Success

What You Will Learn....

  • The power of relationships in business
  • How brands can elevate customer relationships
  • How to shift any relationship from suffering to sensational

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The Hero's Journey: 8 Steps to Shifting Your Destination from Ordinary to Extraordinary

Tamara-McCleary-cropTamara is an internationally recognized expert on relationships and conscious business. She consults with global brands, presents keynotes, workshops, and coaching programs on the topics of Conscious Business, Relationship Infrastructure, Re-Igniting Passion Through Work-Life Satisfaction, and Transforming any Relationship from Suffering to Sensational. When not speaking and consulting, her and her husband, Michael, own and operate an organic family farm with their four children in Northern Colorado. You can find Tamara at TamaraMcCleary.com

Jim Hohl

Facebook ads that convert

What You Will Learn....

  • How to avoid the most common mistakes of digital marketing
  • Vital keys for Facebook ads that convert
  • Creating a magnificent lead magnet

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#1 Marketing Channel to grow YOUR business

Jim HohlJim has been in marketing in some capacity his entire career. In that time, he has worked campaigns for hundreds of businesses ranging in size from United Airlines, Panasonic and Subway to local and solo business owners. He enjoys learning and challenging himself and sees creating marketing campaigns as problem-solving – the problem of how to get your company's message in front of the right people and how to convert them from leads to clients. When he is not working on his business, he loves taking long walks and playing with his two cats. He is an active community member as well, serving on the boards of several non-profits.

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